Check it out! Now you can buy from the SABRA STORE! Get your very own Sabra Poster! Custom picture sizes available! 8x10, 4x6, or even wallet size! Choose from any of my pictures or request a special personalized picture just for you! I can even write a sexy note on the pic to you!

Large Poster- 20 Tips

Small Poster- 15 Tips

8x10- 10 Tips

4x6- 5 Tips

Wallet Size- 2 Tips 

Coming soon, Panties, Autographed Magazines, Custom Videos, Phone Cases & T-Shirts, plus so much more! :) Keep posted for new store updates here on my blog! Tip the price for the item and I will personally send the purchased item via mail with love letter included. 

(Must include Store Item in MSG along with address to send)  

Sabra Steele XoXo